[Assembly] MSVC basic

MSVC 2010



Have been trying to fetch the complete novel from URL and import into text file Targeted website: http://www.dongliuxiaoshuo.com/n/1438.html Try to fetch targeted path in source code: (*simple increment is not working here as some of the number were changed afterwards) Targeted text is enclosed by div tag in each single page (eg. http://www.dongliuxiaoshuo.com/n/1438/907700.html ) Source code developed (imported into text file: resultUrlString.txt)…

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[ArchLinux] Install from AUR

Steps 1. Go to directory of the AUR package(foo.tar.gz) 2. Extract the AUR package (.tar.gz->PKGBUILD) 3. Go into the extracted folder 4. Make the package (PKGBUILD -> .tar.xz) 5. Install the tar.xz made from (4) using pacman Go to directory of the AUR package(foo.tar.gz)

Extract the AUR package

Change directory into the extracted folder

Make the package…

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[ArchLinux] CUPS

1. Install from official repository

2. Enable and start the services

3. Access the CUPS services web interface


[PHP]MySQL related

Simple Connection (init.php)

Simple query

Search through array