C, Gatekeeper, Linux

Gatekeeper [Network setup]

DPDK(network setup) Add two virtual network interfaces in settings in Virtual Box

Check if the network interfaces have been successfully mapped into lua/if_map.lua

  Check the network devices status using dpdk-devbind.py under gatekeeper/dependencies/dpdk/tools

Load the module vfio-pci /  uio_pci_generic



Gatekeeper setup (DPDK)

Background   The system has been built using these four Linux distributions.

Thank to the suggestions, I have finally decided to use Kubuntu as the major compilation issues are directly related to the latest version of gcc compiler, i.e. gcc >7, together with latest Linux kernel. The platform that I have chosen:

  Setup   Dependency (gatekeeper) To…

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Fix, Windows

Recover corrupted USB from format of other OS to windows

Call diskpart utility In Windows cmd.exe

  To see the list of disk attached

  Select the disk as target and rebuild the partition

  Select the partition 1 built and format the disk, for example, FAT32