Fix, Python

[Debug] no name in module error in pylint and flask

Problem The following errors occur in visual code editor

  Solution It should be an import error of from urllib.request import urlopen, which I am trying to use modern python3 library. Similarly, same errors keep popping up during the bootstrap of flask server. It can be concluded that the error is caused by the conflicts of python version, which the…

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Fix, Windows

Recover corrupted USB from format of other OS to windows

Call diskpart utility In Windows cmd.exe

  To see the list of disk attached

  Select the disk as target and rebuild the partition

  Select the partition 1 built and format the disk, for example, FAT32



[Fix] MSI GS70 Screen replacement

Original monitor model : CHIMEI INNOLUX N173HGE-E11 Problems : Worn-out blue color and ghosting New monitor model : AUO B173HW01 V5 1. Take the plastic screen protector off (glue based)   2. Final test before removal of screen   3. Remove four screws indicated on both side to remove the side bar   4. Unboxing new screen B173HW01 version 5   5. Connecting…

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[Error] Photoshop program error

It was caused by error loading preference file which located at: XXX:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Simply remove the folder and restart photoshop