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SharePoint URL study

For each SharePoint URL, the pattern can be observed as:

  Root folder is encoded with HTML (%2F), which is /

  FolderCTID is digits of length 38, i.e. 0x { 38 digits }   The View is also encoded with HTML (%7B), which is { (%7D), which is } The format of digits length will be { 8 –…

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MS Office, Python

Pyexcelerate write file


MS Office, Python

Manage Excel using OpenPyXL

It is simply to read Excel workbook using xlrd, however, saving files as .xlsx is not supported by xlwt   OpenPyXL version 2.4.8 (2017-05-30) Import the module

  To get worksheet

  Get the value of cell

  Get the maximum count of rows & cols

  Set style to the cell


MS Office, Python

Read excel using xlrd

Targeted excel file: C:/User/Edward/Desktop/data.xlsx


MS Office

Login page using SharePoint & PowerApps

Expected outcome:   SharePoint In order to store the username and password, user should first create a “list” in SharePoint   Simply name it as “access_account”   Use “Quick Edit” to add two column, “username” & “password”   For testing, Right Click > New and add “edward” as username, “123” as password   PowerApps Move to the PowerApps application, open…

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