[Debug] Vagrant vm setup – 3

Problem The following lines are not fatal error but still needed to be solved

    Approach 1. The network adapter is incorrectly assigned and I will match the device accordingly in the Since we are able to ssh into the vagrant, we can check the interface mapping by

The content of interface mapping file


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[Debug] Vagrant vm setup – 2

Problem The memory allocation failed during the vagrant up –provision

    Approach 1. As we are using the cloud image from vagrant, the kernel contains the minimal dependencies, therefore, some modules required are missing.  I will append the linux-generic to the to ensure the modules uio and uio_pci_generic are corrected configured. Result: The following two lines are…

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[Debug] Vagrant vm setup – 1

Problem I’m trying to create the virtual machine using vagrant for the dpdk, however, the screen was freezing at this period of vagrant up

  Approach 1. Making sure the conflicts is not caused by the conflicts of version between vagrant and virtual box. Result: I have downloaded the archive of both software and do a mix and match. However, the…

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Depending on the ethertype, by using rte_pktmbuf_append, the following component will be packed into the packet accordingly.   static inline char *rte_pktmbuf_append(struct rte_mbuf *m, uint16_t len) It takes the memory buffer and the its length. It returns the pointer to tail after the insertion of data.   notify_pkt is composed by: link layer header ipv4/ipv6 header udp header ggu_common header

C, Gatekeeper, Linux

Gatekeeper [Network setup]

DPDK(network setup) Add two virtual network interfaces in settings in Virtual Box

Check if the network interfaces have been successfully mapped into lua/if_map.lua

  Check the network devices status using under gatekeeper/dependencies/dpdk/tools

Load the module vfio-pci /  uio_pci_generic