Fix, Windows

Recover corrupted USB from format of other OS to windows

Call diskpart utility In Windows cmd.exe

  To see the list of disk attached

  Select the disk as target and rebuild the partition

  Select the partition 1 built and format the disk, for example, FAT32


Linux, Python, Windows

Scrapy setup

Start a scrapy project at current directory

  File structure

  Set up the first spider file (tutorial/tutorial/spiders/


Linux, Python, Windows

Scrapy (web crawling) installation [Windows / Kali Linx]

For Python 2.7 / 3.3+ Windows Install scrapy using pip

    Kali Linux Since I have both of the Python 2.7 (python) and 3.5.3+ (python3) installed, in order to install the scrapy on python3: Install the pip3 for python3, instead of using pip for old python

  Try install scrapy using pip3

  However, the dependency…

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Command line FTP

❖ + R > cmd

Open connection with FTP server with IP

Input the username of FTP server

System prompt and input Password

Upon successful connection, we should be able to see the current directory ( / by default)

  Command line FTP inherits most of the common command from Windows, eg: cd, mkdir


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Plugins, Windows

Install YouCompleteMe for Vim in Win10 bash [ubuntu]

Enter bash in command prompt:

Install the prerequisite for the plugin

Check for python support of vim (either python 2 / 3)

Find the path for user vimrc script (by default: $HOME/.vimrc) And install the plugin using Vundle

Edit the vimrc script to enable plugin support

Copy the following text into the .vimrc


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