Gatekeeper setup (DPDK)



The system has been built using these four Linux distributions.

Thank to the suggestions, I have finally decided to use Kubuntu as the major compilation issues are directly related to the latest version of gcc compiler, i.e. gcc >7, together with latest Linux kernel.

The platform that I have chosen:




Dependency (gatekeeper)

To get the dependency for the gatekeeper

Remarks for versions used:


DPDK basic check

DPDK, being one of the major dependency libraries used, the requirement should be taken into account:

Kernel version >= 3.2

glibc >= 2.7



It increases the page size, which can reduce the page tables of the system and prevent frequent and time-costly TLB misses.

Set the kernel parameter by add the following line to /etc/sysctl(dot)conffor allocating the page size and reboot



Clone the repository after dependency set, including the submodules dpdk && luajit

Run the setup script, for instance, it’s in ~/Document/gatekeeper in my case

Reminder is at the end of script output

To check if env $RTE_SDK && $RTE_TARGET have been corrected set



Will be working on network setup of DPDK on the next step.