SharePoint URL study

For each SharePoint URL, the pattern can be observed as:


Root folder is encoded with HTML (%2F), which is /


FolderCTID is digits of length 38, i.e. 0x { 38 digits }


The View is also encoded with HTML

(%7B), which is {

(%7D), which is }

The format of digits length will be { 8 – 4 – 4 – 12 }the following code snippet is used to stimulate the View


However, fetching the URL directly is not possible as login credential is required by SharePoint. It returns “403 FORBIDDEN“, it is relatively time consuming to setup selenium to stimulate the browser. Therefore, in order to fetch the file names, the source code is put into source.txt and read manually, Format : “FileLeafRef”: “YourFileName“,



In the video page of SharePoint, the url contains 5 payloads



Within the same video lists, the video page shares the same FolderCTID, List and RootFolder, while the ID is unique and the RecSrc is the video page’s name, fetch the id using