[Debug] Vagrant vm setup – 1


I’m trying to create the virtual machine using vagrant for the dpdk, however, the screen was freezing at this period of vagrant up



1. Making sure the conflicts is not caused by the conflicts of version between vagrant and virtual box.

Result: I have downloaded the archive of both software and do a mix and match. However, the freezing happened as expected, it can be concluded it is not the compatibility issues.


2. To see if it is caused by the SSH and Virtual Box port forwarding conflicts

I have tried to install a fresh and clean 16.04 image from the Vagrant bento/ubuntu-16.04, the same source as the Vagrantfile in the guide.

This is the complete fresh vagrant file that I have set up

Result: The freezing issue didn’t happen and it can be concluded the issue is directly related to the network setup, as it’s the only difference.


After repeat testing, the following lines in Vagrantfile are confirmed to cause the above error:



Broken into different parts and tested and it is found the nic_type cannot be assigned as virtio