C, Linux

[libressl] Generate RSA key

In the latest version of libressl, RSA_generate_key is deprecated, RSA_generate_key_ex should be implemented instead. Implementation (updated) Source file (test.c)

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C, Linux

[libressl] Setup

SETUP Install the dependencies first

  Clone the repository from Github


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C, C++, Language

CMake command

Set variable Basic usage of SET

  To include existing variables in the SET…

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C++ 11

Auto type

  Auto type + Ranged-based for loop

  Initializer list

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C, Gatekeeper, Linux

Gatekeeper [Network setup]

DPDK(network setup) Add two virtual network interfaces in settings in Virtual Box

Check if…

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Gatekeeper setup (DPDK)

Background   The system has been built using these four Linux distributions.

Thank to…

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